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Break-in Repairs

Break-In / Forced Entry Door Repair:

A home break-in can leave you a homeowner or a business owner with feelings of violation, insecurity, anger and loss. BaySide Locksmith offers break-in repair services which include the following:

  • Door Repair
  • New Door Installation
  • Reinforcement or replacement of door jam.
  • Replacement of broken locks
  • Upgrading Existing locks to high security locks with high security strike plates.
  • Additional security to patio doors & windows.
  • Latch & Bolt protectors installation (covers the gap between door & frame)
  • Additional deadbolt locks installation.

Emergency after hours door and window repairs: Hopefully you’ll never need an emergency locksmith, but if you find that a door has been forced, or your window has been smashed, you might have to pay hundreds of dollars to have the security of your home restored until you can sort things properly in the morning. However, our boarding up service can secure your property again, for a lot less! We provide board up services for Homes and Businesses.

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